The reason why I started

I am very interested in Shopify because Shopify is being with users unlike Amazon or some other major E-commerce. Shopify try to let individuals stand up and start their own business by their own foot. Easy installation and simple and beautiful. Simplicity is more than important in this complex shrinking world specially over internet. That is my first thought to start to study Shopify and join the Boot camp hold by Shopify. At the end of the camp, I realized the Shopify will be the one which lead people to widely be various experience by various theme format flexibility.

As my standpoint as graphic designer as well as system engineer, there are a lot of things that I could try through Shopify. Shopify is very easy to use and customize. Learning Shopify and same time I keep writing this blog for hoping myself to next step and become Shopify theme partner.

My Goal

I search the term Shopify. It has number rapidly updating the max count day by day feeling the Shopify is spreading all over the world. I will go the term “Shopify theme” because I wan to become theme partner. The click number is about 2000 a day. I will try to go beyond that.

Screenshot of keyword planner. The click of shopify theme of 2,544 from the count of display 43,178.

My concept

I will write about how I understood the content toward the Shopify document in this blog. I will write about note about theme, plugin, etc in this blog.

how to write

I will refer the url of identify Shopify original word and my word with element tag. At the blog about this page, I try to connect Shopify official page as always to be information correct.

Shopfiy official document


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